The NanoBracket is a holder developed especially for popular Wireless CPE Nano Stations from Ubiquity Networks. The NanoBracket holder enables installation of both versions of NanoStations on walls or masts. It is possible to set NanoStation5 and NanoStation2 to any direction in 90 range by using the NanoBracket, the ball hinge enables this possibility. Mounting kit, NanoBracket, can be used for both versions NS5 and NS2, for old ones and new ones as well. The NanoBracket is made from plastic and is made in the same color as the NanoStation 2 and NanoStation 5, the device and mount look compact and monolithic together. The installation of the NanoBracket holder is very simple and fast although the holder is made with the emphasis on assuring the maximum security of the device. The device is compact and stable after the mounting. All of these make the holder NanoBracket the most optimal mounting solution for the NanoStation devices.


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